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Hay Day Hack

Hay Day Hack : Happy Farming

Supercell's Hay Day Hack is a farming game that first hit mobile platforms in 2013. The game is similar to Farmville, but the graphics are intense. Your lazy uncle (in the game) hands the farm over to you forgetting that you need to earn coins, produce buildings and gain your character experience to have any success.

And the game is highly addicting.

Our Hay Day Hack is a game changer. You've never experienced the true potential of Hay Day until you've downloaded our hack and unleashed coins and diamonds on your farm.

Hay Day Hack Generator
Hay Day Hack Generator

Hay Day Cheats and Hack

Players are thrown into a farm they have no chance of growing quickly. Sure, the scarecrow in the beginning teaches you how to harvest wheat, but it's not enough. If you want your farm to be rustling with farm animals, crops and fresh goods, you need diamonds and coins.

After all, you need to customize your farm, fulfill orders, repairs items and eventually build your own town that visitors flock to for fun.

But everything requires the right resources to start.

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Hack Your Way to Resources

Success requires two main things: coins and diamonds. You'll need these two items to be able to purchase everything in the game. And all players start their characters off with 350 coins, which are spent quickly and leave you wanting more.

Coins can help you:

  • Buy farm items
  • Buy products and items from the store
  • Buy products from other platers
  • Unlock the Fish Lake and mine

You can randomly get coins, but it's a tedious process that most people give up on and spend their real money to buy.

Diamonds are the premier currency in the game, and these are used for:

  • Speeding up tasks
  • Buying decorations

Diamonds aren't required for unlocking features, but if you want that barn to be built pronto, you better have a few diamonds to entice the workers to move faster during the building phase. You can skip the long wait times or even buy items you're missing with diamonds.

But there are also two other items of importance:

  • Gift cards
  • Vouchers

Our hack provides you with these essentials, too.

Hay Day Hack coins

About the Hay Day Hack Tool

The Hay Day Hack gives you the power to speed up your wait times, buy any item or product you want and build a farm your in-game uncle will be proud of visiting. And we've made this hack as easy as possible.

You don't need to hack or give us access to your mobile device to make this tool work.

There's no need to download a Hay Day hack APK either – this will work with the standard game. We update the hack often, too, in an effort to stay one step ahead of the security measures.

How Does the Hack Work?

I'm sure you're very anxious to get the ball rolling and start using our hack. The good news is that we've made it as simple as possible to get started. You need to download our hack and do the following:

  • Close Hay Day if you have it open
  • Run the hack tool
  • Plug in how many of each item you want
  • Hit "start"

That's it. You'll need to wait a few minutes before the process is complete. Once completed, you'll be able to fire up your game and start playing with the added coins, diamonds and other items requested.

You never need to spend another dime on Hay Day with the power of our hack tool.

Why We Made This Hack

Why would we spend the time and resources to make such a proficient, advanced hack? The answer is simple: we're addicted to the game. We wanted to play the game without having to spend tons of our real money to enjoy it.

And when our farms were stuck in stagnation because we required more resources, we decided it was time to do something about it.

Life is hard enough with countless expenses; you shouldn’t have to spend money on mobile games to buy a pixel on a screen. These companies make a killing because they charge people on their addictions – the very games the companies hire psychologists to help make the game addicting.

Forget that.

We broke through the money pit and offer a hack that does two things: works and saves you money.

And for a limited time, we're sharing this Hay Day hack with you.

Is the Hay Day Hack Safe to Use?

Our team has never lost an account or been detected as using a hack. And we've been using this hack internally since 2013 when the game was first released. Sure, we've had to do a lot of updating and make changes over the years to ensure we don't get detected.

But without being detected for this long, we can confidently say that we have beaten any security measures the company has incorporated.

There are some security measures we weren't able to beat, but we've directed our team to work on the most important in-game items: coins and diamonds.

We can say that this hack is completely safe to use.

But you will want to take your resources up slowly. You can request max coins and diamonds, but if you do it daily, you risk being caught. We recommend waiting at least a day or two between requests to stay out of the spotlight and avoid detection.

Unlimited Uses Forever

This isn't a one-time hack that will only allow you to top off on coins and diamonds one time and stop working. We know that Supercell is adding new items often and finding new ways to entice people to spend their money in the game.

We've created this hack to be able to be used whenever and wherever you need it.

Your dream farm awaits, and if you run out of the resources our hack provides, simply fire up the hack and run it again to stock up on the items you need. If for some reason the hack stops working, come back to download the latest version, which will have the correct coding to make the hack work with the new version of the app.

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